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Resources for Financial Insecurity

The Savior loves all of God’s children regardless of their socioeconomic circumstance, race, religion, language, political orientation, nationality, or any other grouping. And so should we!
Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

On Campus Resources

Financial Aid Office
Financial aid helps with scholarships, veterans, FAFSA, etc.
Financial Aid Office
Paying for College Resources

Financial Fitness Center
The Financial Fitness Center has many helpful articles and tools for planning financially, making better decisions to save money, finding scholarships, and setting goals, and is dedicated to helping students find ways to avoid and limit debt. Students can schedule appointments to make a personal financial plan with an advisor who is committed to keeping their conversations confidential and nonjudgmental and helping in any way they can. This website also includes lots of helpful articles and tools for planning financially, making better decisions to save money, finding scholarships, setting goals, and a lot more!

Financial Fitness Center

BYU Scholarships
This webpage provides links to several sources of scholarships both on and off campus.

BYU Scholarships

VITA Tax Lab
The vita lab helps students submit their taxes.

Food and Housing Insecurity
The Dean of Students office can assist you with food and housing insecurity.

Family finance SFL 260
This class teaches basic principles of money and its application in the home.

Employment and scholarships through major
Many of the colleges on campus provide scholarships based on need and your major. There are also many employment opportunities within majors that could help students prepare for their futures with more experience while earning money.

Student Research Academy
Gives you a $1,000 scholarship. Add this to your resume or CV as you present your research in a poster at the Mary Lou Fulton Mentored Student Research Conference in April.

Church Resources

Provident Living
Resources under the finances tab include finance calculators and resources for finances as a family.

Provident Living

Community Resources
Be thoughtful and prayerful when considering community and online resources. Look for options that support the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lead participants to make and keep sacred covenants with Him. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:20)