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Resources for Early Returned Missionaries

Don’t ever think that you failed Heavenly Father. Don’t ever think that coming home from your mission was a mistake. It’s not. Heavenly Father has something in mind for you. Now it’s time to move forward to your next mission in life.
Alec Woodbury, Ensign July 2019

On Campus Resources

BYU Mission Inclusivity Club
This club is directed towards individuals who returned home early from their missions, those who served a service or two transfer missions, and those who were unable to serve a mission. It provides a space for those with atypical mission experiences to find community, strength, and healing in a supportive and safe environment. Students who don’t fall into these categories are also welcome to attend and learn more about how to support those who do.

BYU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
CAPS offers individual counseling for early returned missionary students interested in receiving therapeutic support. Students can also receive online support by using Sanvello, Welltrack Boost, and SilverCloud. After-hours crisis: 801.422.3035

Women’s Services and Resources Fact Sheet
This page contains information on early return missionaries, steps they can take to find healing, and how their loved ones can better support them.

Church Resources

The following talks, articles, and videos provide stories, testimonies, and helpful suggestions to promote healing for those who returned home early from their missions.

Family Services
Early returned missionaries interested in therapeutic support can receive up to six free sessions of professional assessment and treatment through Family Services when requested through the stake president or bishop. Talk with your stake president or bishop if you are interested in these services.

Off-Campus Resources
Be thoughtful and prayerful when considering community and online resources. Look for options that support the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lead participants to make and keep sacred covenants with Him. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:20)