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Julianne Grose

Associate Vice President

Julianne Grose is dedicated to teaching through experiential learning and enjoys learning with students. Prior to being the Associate Vice President at the Office of Belonging, she was a Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Biology. Julianne has taught for 15 years at Brigham Young University where she has helped with the creation of several new courses including The Lifesciences and the Restored Gospel of Jesus a Christ, the BYU Phage Hunters program, and two international study abroad programs. In addition, she mentors the Be the Match on campus Cougars vs Cancer club and runs a student-centered independent research lab that focuses on metabolism and the microbiome where she mentors both graduate and undergraduate students in scientific thinking. Dr. Grose obtained a Ph.D. in Biology as well as B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Utah. She joined the Office of Belonging in 2023 as an Associate Vice President for Belonging. Dr. Grose enjoys travel and learning from diverse cultures and has taught all over the world including Indonesia, India, and Korea. Dr. Grose loves spending time hiking, biking, swimming, and skiing with her husband and three children.